Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tech Challenge #5: Using 1 Computer to Review Class Novel

Today's Tech Tool: One Classroom Computer

My English 2 classes and Pre-AP English 2 classes will be taking a test over The Pearl and Lord of the Flies respectively at the end of the week. Using one classroom computer, the students put together a summary of the book to use as a study guide.

The Goal:
Student groups will work together to summarize one chapter from the novel. They will incorporate creative writing to turn their summaries into an eye-witness news article that reports the main conflict from their chapter.

The Day Before:
There really is nothing to prepare for this lesson! The kids do all of the work.

During Class: 

1. Divide students into groups and assign each group a chapter.
2. Students must come up with a catchy newspaper headline summarizing the chapter in one sentence.
3. Group members must then write out a summary as if they were newspaper reporters traveling into their book to report on what they saw happening.
4. One group members takes the news summary to the class computer to type in their article.
End of Class:
1. The teacher sets up the class computer for student use.
2. Pull up the website:
3. One student from each group comes up to type their chapter number into the headline box. (The program does not leave much room for an actual headline)
4. Their actual headline is typed in as the first line of their story.
5. The students then type in the body of their article, paying attention to the word limit.
6. Have students click "Generate!"
7. Then have the students click the link under the image of their generated article to save it to the computer.
8. Have the students save their article using their chapter number.

1. The teacher can show the images on the screen and have the students take turn reading the summers out loud in order. 
2. Or the teacher can print the images and copy the articles for the students to take home as a study guide for the test.

1. There isn't much prep time at all, if any.
2. The students get to practice summarizing skills and writing from different points of view.
3. The students get to work with each other to decide on the major events.
4. Every student gets to benefit from eachother's work.
1. If one group does not work well together, the entire class misses out on a good review of that chapter.

Do you facilitate a similar project in your classroom? How have you used one classroom computer during a lesson?