About Me

I was born and raised in the Piney Woods of East Texas. During my teen years, I worked hard to raise money to travel across the globe for short term relief work. These trips helped me form a love of all the beautiful people, lands, and creativity in our world. I have traveled to over 19 countries studying culture, politics, and history. 

I realize not everyone can or will have the experiences that I did at such a young age. It is my aim to create a way, for instance through the articles and lesson plans in the blog or the stories in my books, to give young people the chance to see all the marvelous things our world has to offer. 

Four the past four years I've been teaching high school English Language Arts and creative writing . We travel around the world daily with the help of some fabulous authors and some really great technology like Google Earth and Skype. 

Causes and Organizations I support are: UNESCO, The Big Read, and the Fair Trade Organization.

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