Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 Sunday Morning Must-Read Blogs

I picked up a stack of books to read from the public library yesterday to share on my blog. I had been putting it off, knowing that I racked up a week's-worth fine last month simply because I'm forgetful, and the books sat in my car. The librarian was understandably abrupt with me, reminding me three times that my due date is April 9th...or something.  Keep an eye out for the next Author Spotlight and Culture Challenge this week as both are headed to Central America; in the mean time, check out these 3 Sunday morning Must-Read Blogs by three very different writers.

1.  Andy Jarosz is a freelance writer who travels and writes what he sees. His blog 501 Places is a collection of his experiences. Check out his most recent post to get a look at an afternoon in London by foot. Although there's no significance in reading this particular blog on a Sunday, I just felt like drinking a cup of tea and perusing London was a good Sunday morning activity.

2.  Christine Gilbert is a corporate manager turned travel blogger and is the author of Almost Fearless, a blog that documents life around the world.  She is hosting a series on her blog entitled the Sunday Travel Selection. Today's post is by a guest-blogger who gives a realistic view of the true adventure and chaos that is Indian traffic.

3. Kristi at The Story Siren blog hosts a weekly event called In My Mailbox in which she shares YA books that have come across her desk. Over 200 bloggers participate regularly to share their books as well. What I like about Kristi's IMM is that she puts together Vlogs to share the books. Who doesn't love a quick video to kick-start some blog reading?

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