Monday, November 5, 2012

Tech Challenge #6: Using One Ipad to Review for Test

Today's Tech Tool: One iPad

The Goal:
Student groups will work together as teams to answer review questions during a class competition.

The Day Before:
Create a powerpoint using questions from the test or questions from the study guides. You'll need a slide for the question and a slide with the answer.
During Class: 

1. Divide students into groups and assign each group a team name. My team names were characters from the book we have just finished..
2. Two desks are arranged face-to-face at the front of the room. An iPad is place on the center of these two desks. The iPad is open to a free app called "Game Buzzer."
3. The groups take turns sending one member to face another group at the front of the room.4. One group members takes the news summary to the class computer to type in their article.
4. I show a question slide and read the question to the class. Students are instructed not to buzz in until I've finished the question.
5. The timer gives the student 6 seconds to answer the question.
6. The teacher can keep track of the scores on the whiteboard.
Lesson Extender:
1. The class can go through the questions a second time as a group to discuss the correct answers and clarify any confusion.

1. 100% Participation!
2. The students get an idea of the types of questions that will be on the test.
3. The teacher gets an idea on any last minute items that need to be re-taught.
4. Students really enjoy the class that day.

1. They get REALLY competitive. I had one class shouting by the end of the game because they were so mad that they lost. Clear expectations have to be set up from the start or the game can take a negative turn.

Do you facilitate a similar project in your classroom? How have you used one one iPad in your classroom activites?

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