Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Author Spotlight: Mitali Perkins

It's been a whole week since I've posted because I've been lost in some great reading the past week. This weekend I traveled to India via Mitali Perkins' book Moonsoon Summer.

Mitali Perkins is my kind of author. She's writing what she's lived and what she loves, and her characters drew me in like we were best friends. Monsoon Summer is a beautiful story filled with food, cross-culturalism, romance, travel, and a little bit of monsoon magic.Check out the first chapter of the book at Perkins' website.

Perkins' books are filled with real-life situations and issues bi-racial teens and children can relate to, as well as insight for any reader ages 10 and up looking for a glimpse inside the intricate Indian culture. The dynamic characters of Jazz and her orphaned friend Danita will grow and change with you as you read.

This is a book that will transform your worldview.
Check out Mitali Perkins' website for info on all of her books

I'd love to hear about your firsthand experiences, books you've read, or stories from India?


  1. Hi there, I like Mitali's books too, and I felt so blessed to have reviewed one for School Library Journal a few years back, and then to hear her keynote at the SCBWI Western Washington conference last year. She's very inspiring.

  2. Thanks, Catherine. That's wonderful you've been able to hear her speak. I've been thinking about joining the SCBWI, but the closest chapter is several hours away.