Monday, August 27, 2012

100 Lesson Tech Teaching Challenge #1

Today marks the first day of another school year. I have volunteered to be one of 25 teachers piloting a Bring Your Own Device program on my campus, so I have commted myself to a personal challenge to make the most of my Device Days. My goal is to teach 100 lessons using technology in different ways and share my lessons on this blog. I am a secondary English Language Arts teacher, so my lessons will be tailored for use in the ELA classroom.

Lesson 1: Screencasting Lectures
There is not much to look forward to on the first day of school for teacher or student. Sure, I get to meet 140 new and somewhat eager faces, but I have to give the same epic-length presentation over rules, policies, & procedures for an hour 6 different times.

 This time I implemented the "smarter, not harder" theory to my presentation. I made a color-rich presentation and recorded my narration ahead of time using a screencast tool. Once the classes began, introductions were made, paperwork was handled, I simply clicked "play." From time to time I paused it for questions, comments, and to emphasize points.

 It may have freaked out the occasional visitors knocking on my door that they could hear me delivering a lesson in the room behind me while I was right there seeing to their business in my doorway.

 Here is Part 1 of one of my presentation.

 Overall I highly recommend this method for Day 1 presentations and other things like unit introductions that involve a lot of speaking on the part of the teacher.

1. I don't lose my voice or energy by the end of the day.
2. Nerves don't make me stumble or rush over my words! I can record from the comfort of my bed if I wanted to!
3. I know 100% that I've given the same info to all my classes and haven't left anything out.
4. I can upload the video file to Youtube and send the links to new students and parents throughout the year so they feel informed on how things work in our class.

 Tech Tools in this Lesson: 1. Slideshow
2. Narration
3. YouTube Watch the demo below for more information on making a Screen Cast.

 Teachers I Need Your Feedback! What types of lessons would you consider converting to a screencast? How could a student use this type of tool in your classroom?

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